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A company dedicated to helping animals

Our sole mission is to come to the aid of distressed animals. To accomplish this, we established Animal Webaction in 2013 as a social entrepreneurship company. By leveraging the power of digital technology and our logistical expertise, we collect and distribute essential products to thousands of animals every year. Continuously seeking new ways to support animals globally, we reinvest all our profits toward this purpose.

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Our awesome features

Strength lies in unity

Animals in need are calling for help, not only in France but also across the world. Many compassionate souls would gladly lend a hand, but often, they remain unaware of the dire situations these animals face. And even with the best intentions, individual efforts may not be enough to create a significant impact. That's where we step in – we bring these caring hearts together, providing them with the means to unite and extend their support to these animals in distress, making a real difference on a grand scale. We firmly believe that by harnessing the power of collective action, we can transform and alleviate the plight of suffering animals.

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Our awesome features

Supporting the most vulnerable, wherever they may be

Animals facing the greatest danger are often the hardest to reach: remote regions, extreme weather conditions, and challenging situations make it difficult to provide them with help. To overcome these obstacles, we've established a wide-reaching logistical network spanning across Europe and the Maghreb region. With 11 logistical platforms at our disposal, we can promptly extend our assistance, even to the most remote and inaccessible areas.

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Our awesome features

Alexandre Boulling, Animal Webaction's founder

As a young economics student, Alexandre dedicates his spare time to the world of nonprofit organizations. There, he witnesses with sadness the challenges faced by animal welfare charities. Despite the unwavering commitment of volunteers, they often struggle to provide continuous care for all the animals in need. With winter approaching, Alexandre decides to take matters into his own hands and launches the first platform for collecting blankets. The response is overwhelming: hundreds of blankets are collected, thanks to the collective effort of many. Encouraged by this initial success, Alexandre chooses to further his cause by providing other essential products to animals in shelters... And thus, Animal Webaction is born!

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