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① We identify animals in distress

Millions of animals suffer worldwide. Yet, their distress often goes unnoticed. It's our role to inform you about it. To do this, we work hand in hand with animal protection associations and thousands of volunteers on the ground. We maintain constant vigilance, and carefully examine every request for help that comes to our attention. We go directly to the streets and shelters, to the animals in need, to identify their requirements, and present them to you, along with an action plan enabling us to respond promptly and effectively.

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Our awesome features

② You provide essential products for their survival

Thanks to our platform, you can help these animals by providing essential products. A daily and free click is all it takes to participate in the campaigns organized with our sponsors. Want to do more? You can also choose to directly purchase food and blankets to help advance the campaigns even faster.

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Our awesome features

③ We deliver your products to the animals

Once the campaign is successful, we ensure the delivery of the products you have offered to the animals. We fully take care of the transportation, even for shelters located in hard-to-reach areas. The volunteers from the organizations have nothing to do and can fully dedicate themselves to caring for the animals.

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Our awesome features

④ You receive updates about the rescued animals

Once the donated products have reached their destination, we provide you with transparent updates on the results of your action. We keep track and share news about the rescued animals with you. This way, you can see for yourself the comfort they receive through your support by browsing our photos and videos.

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