Fulfilled commitments

This approach allows us to address three essential needs that cannot be met through financial aid alone.

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Products specifically designed to meet the animals' needs

Life for animals on the streets or in shelters can be vastly different from that of a pet in a loving home. Extreme weather conditions, disease exposure, limited space, and both physical and psychological scars are just some of the challenges they face... The animals we assist have unique needs that call for specially-designed products, ensuring we provide them with the most effective help.

Living condition considered

Customized products

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Logistical support for beneficiaries

By taking care of product management—from selection and production to delivery—we help take the weight off beneficiary organizations and shelters from what can be considerable logistical constraints. This allows them to focus entirely on the care of their animals. Many shelters are also off the beaten track, not served by traditional delivery services. These are often in isolated areas with extreme weather conditions and hard-to-navigate access routes. These circumstances call for a tailored solution as well.

Complete management of aid

Customized solutions

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Tracking the assistance provided

By handling product deliveries ourselves, we can make sure that each animal genuinely benefits from the assistance given, thereby eliminating any chance of misuse. This approach also lets us make tangible, checkable promises to our community. That way, everyone can be certain about what their contributions are accomplishing.

Product distribution

Guaranteed traceability

A tailor-made approach

From picking out the right products to keeping tabs on deliveries, our approach is carefully designed to provide assistance that's not just apt, but also fast and efficient.

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We've carefully chosen products that are ideally suited to the specific needs of the beneficiary animals, and we keep a close eye on the quality during production. To maintain preservation and ensure safe delivery, we use packaging marked with Animal Webaction's colors, making the products easier to track. Furthermore, we're always keeping tabs on stock levels, so we can act quickly and effectively when emergencies arise.

Production oversight

Emergency response capability

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We've set up logistics centers in every country we work in, and we've built strong, trustful relationships with our service providers. Thanks to this setup, we can assure that our deliveries are efficient, no matter what challenges come our way, and we can keep a close watch on every step of a product's journey.

Logistics network

Shipment tracking

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Continuous Evaluation

We always take the time to evaluate the deliveries we've made to those we're helping. This helps us check that the products are just what the animals need and that they're really benefiting from them. This way, we can keep on refining and improving what we do, day in and day out.

Systematic Reviews

Continuous Progress

Animal Webaction: A look at the numbers since 2013

Statistics as of June 13, 2022

1 717 000
Kgs of kibble

619 924
Cans of wet food

370 679
Kgs of pellets

29 110