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Supporting Volunteers

Managing a shelter is a Herculean task undertaken by men and women who often find themselves isolated. Moreover, while digital technology is a powerful tool, it cannot replace the warmth of human contact. By visiting the shelters in person, we can meet the volunteers, discuss their challenges, and assist them in overcoming these hurdles.

Human touch

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Relieving volunteers from their campaign's set up

Preparing a campaign can be a long and time-consuming process. But volunteers, already swamped with animal rescue activities, have very little time on their hands. By visiting these sites, we relieve them of tasks required to organize the campaigns. This allows them to focus on rescues and spend more time with the animals. We carry out a comprehensive review of the situation and the challenges faced, catalog the animals, take photos of animals in need, and of their living spaces. These inputs enable us to independently coordinate the campaigns, minimizing the burden on the volunteers as much as possible.

Visiting shelters

Saving time for volunteers

Providing Comprehensive Information

We are committed to providing a faithful and detailed report of each shelter's situation to our community. Therefore, the visits carried out by our teams ensure everyone has the necessary information to assess the animals' needs and provide assistance accordingly. These visits are also an opportunity for us to witness the ground reality firsthand, and stay connected with the constantly evolving issues faced by those in animal welfare.

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